Santuario de la Naturaleza


I have quite possibly found my new favourite place in Santiago to spend a hot summers day – Santuario de la Naturaleza Perfect for BBqs, trekking, mountain biking and best of all swimming.  Its in Lo Barnachea which is about a 25 minute drive from Providencia.  The river is the great Rio Mapocho before all the yucky stuff gets put into it. You do have to pay to enter 4.000 for adults, 3.000 for children the entrance fee includes the use of a BBQ if you can find one which are scattered all throughout the park and some right on the river so you can easily relax in the water while firing up the Barbie. The key to getting a good location is obviously to arrive early, Id say 10am-12pm.


After we finished with the BBQ we walked up the river to a spot where we would like to relax. What I love about this place is that you can find your own little private ‘river beach’ as we like to call it and feel as though you are the only people there, now who doesn’t love a little privacy?! Hard to find in Santiago 


I think its a great place for kids as you can chose either deep or shallow places to swim for the little ones. We stayed until about 6pm and during our time there we saw a cat with a litter of kittens who we fed quite a lot, lizards, tadpoles, giant bugs we don’t know the names of and spiders that walked on water :/ I found out afterwards that Santuario de la Naturaleza is famous for the spiders that walk on water. They are fast little buggers.

Check out the location on Instagram for some awesome pics of the place!



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