Fish & Chips | The right way

I FINALLY found a good place to eat fish & chips yassssss which goes by the name ‘Mr Fish Fish&chips’

Too good not to share – I had not had fish & chips like this in almost two years, they even serve it to you in paper. As a Kiwi this makes my heart happy.


Now i’m not saying you cant get good fish & chips here in Santiago cause you can but the only places I’ve seen are fancy restaurants and nothing quite like this place – where you have the option of takeaway and at a non ‘fancy restaurant’ price.

The one I went to is in Ñuñoa but they are opening one in Providencia too – which was scheduled to open over the weekend but word is that that hasn’t happened yet we are running on Chilean time here people.
You chose your fish then get a choice of 2 sauces and NO you don’t have an option of tomato sauce 😦  I like it for the chips okay. 


So if you’ve been hanging out for a good fish & chip takeaway this just may be your solution

Chao for now x



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