Free popcorn | Dia del cine Chileno

Isn’t it wonderful when you just stumble across something great? I feel like that happens a lot here in Santiago.

We were out riding our bikes after enjoying some ice-cream and noticed an outdoor cinema set up, we wanted to check out what it was all about so as anyone would do, we sneaked in the back so no one would notice kidding we walked through the open gate.  To our surprise the 5th of December is ‘Dia del cine Chileno’ and they were showcasing the most watched Chilean film of 2015 Aren’t we lucky. Turns out it was actually a documentary called Tea Time – Its about a group of Chilean school friends who have been getting together to have tea once a month for over 6 decades, a true celebration of friendship. I loved it and it was all in English subtitles YAY.  



They should definitely make this a weekly or monthly event in the summer, showing only Chilean movies I LOVE a good Chilean movie. Who doesn’t love a bit of culture, a free outdoor movie and popcorn?!

As we headed off we noticed that the Christmas lights on Pedro de Valdivia had been turned on and what a beautiful street it is! Here in Chile Christmas lights don’t seem to be a thing so seeing this street all lit up just makes it feel more ‘Christmassy’.


Driving down the street at night is magical, as if you are in a tunnel of fairy lights. I recommend it 100%.
If you happen to drive down Pedro de Valdivia you may also come across this gem it’s hard to miss. 

IMG_0241 IMG_0245

It’s the Municipalidad de Providencia Building, I love this place, its so pretty and it has such nice gardens and a beautiful area out the back to sit down a relax. I just kept saying WOOOWWWW – The colours on the building  constantly change so it looks different from every angle, in every picture ❤


The balls on the tree are huge – Much bigger than my head.

Cant wait to see what I stumble across next

Chao for now x


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