My first Fonda

Its been some time since my last post but I have lived in two different places since then and I am finally settled and now we have internet YAY.

Its been quieter lately as Chile is gearing up to celebrate their independence day on the 18th of September, I am told its going to be crazy. There are flags going up outside every house and Chilean decorations are literally everywhere.

To celebrate the start of the holidays Javier took me to a Fonda in La Reina- A fonda is basically a huge fair that has everything to do with Chile (and some other things) for example ..Chilean traditional dancing, rodeo, carnival rides, Chilean food & drinks, animals, kites…etc..etc I thought I would share with you some of my pictures from the day.

ChinchillaSo when we arrived there was a bit of a line and as always the service was slow but it doesn’t matter as once I was inside it was fabulous. I think it cost 4,000 peso for the entry fee per person which is the equivalent to $8nzd or around $6.20USD

As soon as we stepped foot inside we noticed a white tent with a lot of exotic animal pictures (the actual animals were inside) so of course I wanted to enter. The cost to enter was 3,000 peso per person (well worth it if you ask me). Inside the tent there were a lot of Australian animals/reptiles as they prefer the heat that the Chilean summer brings.

<< That’s me with a Chinchilla, It was so soft and cute. I held a snake, which surprisingly, was a cuddly little bugger he likes the heat from your neck and likes to be close to feel your body heat. I also held a bird for the first time- It started off on my hand but quickly made its way to my shoulder and then using my hair as a rope, climbed his way to the top of my head to lick my sunglasses and eat my hair. I didn’t mind him being on my head but I was a little nervous about him using the bathroom while up there. :/ Bird After visiting the exotic animal tent we decided to grab a bite to eat. The food at fondas is largly BBQ based and if you knowTerremoto me you know I don’t eat red meat so for me there are not many options. I do however eat empanadas -basically cause the meat is so tiny inside I cant even taste it. Im not a veggo or anything and am not against people eating meat- I just dont like it for myself.

Anyway Javier and I got a Terremoto which is a traditional Chilean alcoholic drink TERREMOTO – Pipeño (a type of sweet fermented wine) with pineapple ice-cream. Terremoto literally translates as ‘Earthquake’ since you are left with the ground (and legs) feeling very shaky. The next round usually contains the same drink though only in a glass that holds half the amount. This is called a Replica or ‘aftershock’. Javier and I were feeling pretty good after just one glass 😉

Javier ate a traditional kebab which is called Anticucho he loved it…I did end up stealing a few onions off his stick   Javier and kebab   After we ate we headed off to explore the rest of the fonda…except now, we were both feeling slightly dizzy. Do not underestimate how strong a terremoto is. Its the sort of drink that you would say 1, 2, 3, floor. Check out the meat that was being cooked throughout the Fonda… No idea how but some people say this looks ‘delicious’ Chilean BBQ The one below is a full cow! (I think.. I mean I really wouldn’t have a clue but that’s what I would guess) fona la reina bbq   We watched some dancing in the rodeo area and sat back and relaxed on a little hill under some shade. It was a hot day!. After the dancing finished all the horses were in the arena and then they brought out the little cow or little bull whatever it is and at that point we stood up and left – I really don’t like watching it. The goal is to like push the cow up against the wall or something its a very old ‘sport’ and im not a fan. Dancing Rodeo Throughout the fonda there are many different stalls selling all things Chilean, Jewlery, ponchos, hats I didnt take as many photos as I thought but maybe Ill take more at the next fonda. If you are in Chile definitely go check one out near you! All in all it was a beautiful day and I look forward to going to another one (we got given free tickets to one in the nunoa area). I pretty much have the next 6 days off work – YAY for Chilean public holidays, they have so much more than NZ does and I appreciate it. Chao for now x


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