My Second Job – Job Facts

When you go overseas the idea is to do things you wouldn’t usually do, so when presented with the opportunity of becoming a bar tender (the female version) I obviously said yes. This is something I never imagined myself doing but i’m glad I took the opportunity and its yet another thing to add to the CV.

club de baile

 It helps that my boyfriend is the supervisor/the one who organizes all the staff members. When I do work as a bar tender I get told about the event (from the bf) and he asks do you want to work? …. yes or no? – mostly Friday nights, I usually always say yes. I work for events- Usually big dance parties so I have worked in different locations, not at a fixed venue. Since the bf is basically the boss I get to scope out the venue and choose which bar I want to work at, With big events sometimes there’s nine separate bars to choose from (that equals a lot of bar staff). I like working at the quieter bars, usually VIP, away from the blaring speakers. 

I really do enjoy the job, I get to meet a lot of new people, practice my Spanish, experience Chilean nightlife all while getting paid. Here in Chile you get paid monthly, at the end of the month, whereas when I work at an event I get paid cash in hand at the end of the night which is super handy.

Give Valpo

I’ve worked at big dance parties and charity events like Give Valpo where they raised money to buy beds for people who had been effected by the Valparaiso fires. Recently I wore promotional clothing for mistral and worked in the VIP section of an event which was fun except I got my photo taken while pouring drinks and stuff which I was not prepared for and am dreading finding them online. I concentrate really hard when making drinks, I’m such a newb at it still.


Some people ask me if I find it difficult because my Spanish is nothing fantastic but the good thing is there is a separate line where people order and pay for their drinks, then what they want is printed on a receipt and then they present that to me and I make the drink so its super easy. The receipt 90% of the time will say Piscola (Pisco + Cola) the only thing I have to ask is Normal o Light (normal or light coke) and that’s it…who couldnt do that? Generally as soon as I open my mouth to say normal o light people ask…ohhhh where are you from?! then I proceed with NZ.. oh why are you in Chile?…I came to be with my bf…
Some people are really nice but as the night progresses people tend to get creepier. Sometimes I point out my bf (ahh that’s him there!)..they see a heavily tattooed man and they generally leave me alone after that..I call that a successful deterrent.

This weekend is a long weekend and im hopefully going to be working at an event in the Andes mountains, I’ll try get some good picks and let you know how that goes. 

Chao for now x 


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