Disappointing Cafe Experience

On Sunday we went for a drive to Cajon Del Maipo, I was in need of a hot chocolate. At the first restaurant we went to they didn’t serve hot chocolates, I was a little annoyed but it was ok because we could stop off some where later to get one.  Cafe

Fast forward 2 hours later and we stopped off at a Cafe so I was certain they would make a hot chocolate at a cafe. We sat down and opened the menu and yus there it was! hot chocolate. My excitement levels were rising, then the waitress comes over and informs us that they do not sell hot chocolates, teas or coffees until after 5pm… WHAT?! are you serious? this is a cafe and you don’t serve coffee..really? I was shocked who wants to drink a coffee with dinner right before they go to bed? It just doesn’t make any sense. We asked what drinks do you serve and they replied ‘juice or beer’ .

My boyfriends dad complained about the situation..how do you call yourself a cafe when you don’t serve coffee? :/ so they said ok we can make you a coffee. They literally came out with an empty mug, a sachet of Nescafe coffee, hot water and a cup of milk. I thought it was a joke. We ordered 5 drinks and 4 slices of caked at got hit with a $60 bill it was not somewhere we will be returning to.



So if you are in the area and feel like stopping in somewhere for a nice hot drink. Don’t stop into this place, unless you want to be madly disappointed.

Chao for now x.


One thought on “Disappointing Cafe Experience

  1. Yikes! $60! They have really really great coffee at this place called Blue Jar near La Moneda in el centro. All the fancy government workers go there. And the price was decent. Not sure about hot chocolate, but I would assume so.

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