Understanding English Grammar | The perfect guide for grammar newbies

Im not sure about everyone else but in NZ throughout your school years as a native English speaker Grammar is just not a focus. The focus is more about essay writing, deciphering what the writter meant when he wrote something, how to structure a short story, speaches etc etc.

To be completely honest with you I never ever knew the 12 tenses of the English language until about 2 months ago during my IDELT course. If you had asked me previously how many tenses there are in the English language I probably would have said 3 – Past, Present and future. Seriously

If you feel the same as me and you are also a new teacher, I have the perfect guide for us newbies.

Understanding and using English grammar

´Understanding and using English grammar´ by Betty s. Azar and Stacy A. Hagen. Honestly this book aka. Blue Betty is nothing short of fantastic. Its written so simply its so easy to understand and its full of great practice activitys that you can print or use as a basis to re-write your own excersizes for your students. The very first page is an irregular verb list which is a great tool for students to have.

If you are already overseas like I was it may be a little hard to get your hands on in-store. I used the website fishpond.com this website is great. I used the site based in New Zealand when I was at Uni because the books were cheaper on there than they were at the University bookstore. Ive never had a problem using this site. It may take a little while to get to you -Mine took roughly 5 weeks to arrive but once it does arrive its well worth it and the shipping is free!

Im so glad this book has finally arrived, it has everything you need to know about grammar. I feel much more confident with this by my side and it will give me really great ideas for grammar practice activities. wohoooo. I´m trying to avoid the I have no idea moment after a students asks me a grammar based question that I dont know the answer to.  Grammar queen in the making.

But seriously who am I? getting excited about a Grammar book…I never thought I´d ever be saying that. The life of an English Teacher. Ha

Chao for now x


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