Is Chile Expensive? Not if you´re from NZ!

I see this topic buzzing around a lot of blog sites and would like to clear the air with my own personal opinion or for those who come from  New Zealand reading all these posts which states how expensive Chile is and your probably thinking wow how can things get any more expensive than they already are at home?
The reality is that if you come from NZ Chile is sooo cheap its rediculous. Actually.
I suppose paying more money for things is the price you pay to live on a tiny island at the bottom of the world far far away from everything else.

Take a pair of standard adidas track pants…. My mouth dropped when I saw the price tag on them here…23,990 clp ($57NZD) I thought Adidas Pantsare you kidding me? The first thing that raced through my mind was..are these fake? No Jessica they are not you are just so used to being ripped off in NZ. for those wondering.. the price in NZ for the exact same pants is $89.99 ($77USD).

And if you are sitting there thinking I am crazy I have often taken pictures of the prices of items in Chile and sent them to my friends back home awaiting the jaw dropping responses… Take these for example…..

Pink nikes

.. A pair of nikes for 17,990 peso or $35nzd… THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS for a pair of nikes… this is a joke we would never find nikes at this price in nz… Feel free the check out this site to see what we pay in NZ but on average your looking at least $180 +. you may be saying but look they are on special.. argument invalid – at full price here in Chile they are sill only $80nz thats still $100 cheaper than what we would pay for them.

Applies to all ages aswell, Also compared these pair of kids shoes. In NZ we pay $64.99 for a pair of childrens converse. Now that I´ve lived in Chile im like whyyy would you buy this sort of stuff in NZ.

Kids converse

This doesnt just apply to branded clothing or footware. Eating at a resturant is considerably cheaper here. Example. Me and my best friend would often head out for good old eggs benedict every Saturday for brekkie. My meal (depending on where we went) would range from maybe $17-$24 then I would get a nice cuppa hot chocolate which would set me back maybe $4-$6 (I liked getting the ´bowl´ size) Now that potentially was a $30 meal and definitly nowhere fancy fancy. Here me and Javier go to really nice decent resturants..order a meal each, a drink each and an entree for the same price! and thats for both of us.

Meanwhile in NZ people are paying the same for just one meal!
And I sit here thinking how much cheaper could all this be?! being that people think this is expensive..really?!

You walk into a store in NZ and the specials are two spaghetti strap singlets for $20.. wow what a bargain, I must buy 4! here the full price of the same singlet is around $3.. there often on special at H&M for $2 each

Dont even get me started on the price of accomodation or groceries… thats a whole nother level. Think what our weekly rent is in nz and thats probably what you would pay per month here.
I know, I know its cheaper because the salaries here a lower but im speaking from a touristic view point and while I am working here I understand why things are this way otherwise no one would be buying anything.

So if your from NZ and you want to go some place cheap where you could shop like crazy by all means come to Chile! You will not be dissapointed. I´ve warned my bestie to bring an extra suitcase..she´s going to need it.

Chao for now x


4 thoughts on “Is Chile Expensive? Not if you´re from NZ!

  1. I cry nearly every time you show me how cheap things are in Chile! Although I am excited to go wild in the shops, I’ll definitely be paying for a third suitcase! Still can’t believe that I paid $135? for my Nikes? So depressing.

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