Pablo Nerudas House | Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda home

On our weekend away in Algarrobo we decided to stop by on our way home and visit one of Pablo Nerudas many houses. The house we visited is in Isla Negra (black Island) its the largest and perhaps best known of his houses. Pablo Neruda was a famous poet and a nobel prize winner. This home is one of his most architecturally distinct and is where him and his wife are buried. 

We entered the grounds and walked around the outside but I believe you can pay to go inside and you get a little headset that gives you more information about him and his artwork. Its a big tourist attraction and the views are simply stunning (granted on the day we went the weather was not anything flash) I highly recommend visiting this place if you are in the area.

The house is filled with all his artwork inside and out, he seemed to be a great collector of all sorts of artwork. I loved visiting this place, It was so peaceful and I loved the view of the sea below. Me and Javier just sat on a seat overlooking the ocean, it was beautiful.

The more places I see the more I want to show my bestie-  who is coming in October, theres just so much to see and do in Santiago and close to Santiago. Hence the saying ….So much to do, so little time. Such is life.

Chao for now x



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