Algarrobo | Weekend away

Javier decided to pre-warn me on Thursday that he would be taking me away on the weekend. I love supprises and knew that he would be taking me somewhere new. I could of sat there and guessed where he would be taking me but that takes all the fun out of it.

As the title suggests he took me to Algarrobo. Its not very far from Santigo, I believe it is just over 100kms. Its a little town that is on the coast. It was wonderful to get some fresh air. I also had a quick peek at the worlds largest swimming pool but I decided to save the real exploring for when the bestie gets here in October.


20140707-173459-63299118.jpgThe hotel we stayed at was Hotel pacifico and it has the weirdest decor that I have ever seen. As you drive up it looks quite quirky with orange and blue painted buldings. The sitting room downstairs was beautiful but beyond that is just really strange. I really do wonder what the designer was thinking. The hallways have a dripping paint effect and are bright pink, the lights are painted pink and theres even pink lapshades. Now im a girl who loves pink but this was too much. Our room had the same dripping paint effect but it was bright green with blue curtains and a blue bedspread, like a teenage boys bedrooom.

While there I decided to purchase a cute black poncho complete with Llamas and I love it, I´d wear it to work if I could :p . there are a lot of little shops parrellel to the beach selling all sorts of things from beanies, scarfs, ponchos and a lot of cute cafes.

On sunday we deci20140707-173830-63510456.jpgded to have a before lunch snack … churros of course.. yum! only I wish people liked chocolate more than caramel becuase personally I dont like caramel sauce and sometimes thats your only option.

The houses are beautiful – mostly plaster and stone\brick I love them! oh how I would love to have a little holiday house there. We walked around a few beaches and even found some crabs hiding under rocks. There were a lot of stray dogs on the beach, Javier started patting one and suddenly he was surrounded by 6 dogs who all wanted the same attention.

It was just really nice to get out of the city and relax, breathe in fresh air and be close to the sea. Im really thankfull that we have a car so we have to opportunity to take weekend trips. Dont know what Id do without it.

Chao for now x


3 thoughts on “Algarrobo | Weekend away

  1. First of all, that pink hallway is absolutely frightening. Why oh why? Secondly, all of those dogs at the beach = a dream! Dogs here in Hungary aren’t really interested in any human other than their owners. A life of constant rejection hurts.

  2. Hi Jen, I wish I got a good picture of the room, im not sure whats worse, hot pink walls or lime green. The dogs here are very very friendly, they know if they approach a human they´re either going to get some food or a really good pat. One even followed us around for a little bit and pretended he was ours 🙂

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