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Last week was a tiring week for me, I have just completed my first week as an English teacher. Yayy. (Tesol/ Tefl English teacher)
I thought I would let you know some general facts about my teaching job as I have been asked a few questions lately 🙂

Initially I was given only two classes but by the end of the week I had six- That’s six separate classes or groups two times per week. So with a little quick maths that equals 12 classes per week. All my classes are 1.5 hours long.

Where I work | Well I work for an institute who mainly provides English classes to corporate companies so this means I go to them, I teach in their offices or in a meeting room. I am not in a permanent classroom where students come to me or in a school where students are based. For this reason I have to dress quite formally as I have to teach people in huge successful corporate companies and everyone is dressed so smartly.
To be honest I love this, I love having to dress formally. Sometimes its annoying when i’m feeling lazy but generally I prefer it. Some locations are so close its fantastic – one is literally in the building right next door to my apartment and another one I have to drive to Quilicura for which is far but I get paid more money to do it so why not! – I get paid more in travel time than I get teaching the class- Crazy I know, and it only takes me 20 mins to drive there. 

When I teach | I have classes that range from starting at 07:30am and ones that finish at 8pm. (shock horror I know) No its not that bad its not as if I am working a 12 hour day, I have a lot of down time in between to plan lessons and all that good stuff.
To be honest any class I get asked to do I take it! I need the experience and have a lot of free time. I don’t have any prior arrangements or any dependents to be concerned about and lets face it – I haven’t worked for three months, I could kind of do with some cash right now.

Levels I teach |  I teach all levels from basic beginners to intermediate/advanced students. I currently have three beginner classes , two intermediate and one pre-intermediate.  I was the most nervous about having to teach beginners as it was the level I struggled with the most throughout my course (having to be so repetitive is sometimes draining) but I have the most amazing group of beginner students i’m really pleased that I was asked to teach them.

How many students per class | well this varies, I have a group of 6 students, a group of 5 students, a group of 4 students, a group of three students and two individual classes. – I told you it varies!
Generally no groups are bigger than 6…actually I think no groups are bigger than 6.
I cant really say what I enjoy more, I love my group of 6 (which happens to be beginners at 07:30am) you get a lot of variety and can include awesome peer activities or group work that you aren’t able to do in one-on-one classes but I do really enjoy my one-on-ones, maybe as time goes on and I get more experience one might slightly pull out in front and become a favorite.

The first thing I did after getting the job was go out and buy myself whiteboard markers! It just made me feel so much more like a teacher 😛 secretly I just love whiteboard markers.
White board markersI also got highlighter tabs and other helpful stationary items. The institute provides all the other materials such as Students text books, Teachers versions of text books, course curriculum for each student which includes when to do spontaneous/formal presentations and tests, test materials etc etc.

I really enjoyed my first week, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went and how non-freaked out I was.
It helps that Chileans are so kind and welcoming all my students are fantastic which makes my job a lot easier.

Lets hope this week goes as well as the last.

Chao for now x



3 thoughts on “My Job Facts | English Teacher

  1. whiteboard > chalkboard. I predominately wear black, so chalk has become my worst nightmare. Jealous of/happy for you that you have a whiteboard.

    • Wow i’m impressed, you read that fast! Unfortunately in some meeting rooms I don’t have a board at all. I try to hint at students that its really handy if I have a board to work with but sometimes its out of their control. I couldn’t imagine having to work with chalk as I also predominately wear black. Perhaps what we need is a portable whiteboard that is somehow so small to carry yet magically becomes full-size in the classroom.

      • WAIT, I did not know you just posted it – aahahaha. I randomly clicked on my Reader and your post was the first. Cool, I look like a creep.

        And that is an excellent idea. I have just succumbed to typing everything on the computer and projecting it. Lazy teacher alert.

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