Celebration | Cajon Del Maipo

Hi Everyone,

To celebrate completing my IDELT course we decided to head out to the snow (yes my now Favorite place) and its so close to Santiago so why not?!
Technically its not even winter yet so I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is going to get.

We stopped off at the cutest little restaurant on the way called La Oveja Negra (the black sheep). The atmosphere was fantastic and the staff were great, I loved the whole ambiance of the place.


It was a really cold day with a slight drizzle of rain but once you got inside this place it was so cozy and warm. I didn’t know what to order so Javier ordered for me. He knows what I like so i’m usually very trusting. When it first came out I looked at my dish and thought what the heck is that ?! is that meant to be a soup? – Chilean food is not know for having beautiful dishes but man was it DELICIOUS! Best soup ever. No joke. I want to go back.



The chicken just fell right off the bone and the veges were yummm. It doesn’t look like anything special but trust me it was, I must learn not to eat with my eyes. Javier got a corn cake which was also very delicious, It had vegetables underneath the corn and also beef and chicken -sounds weird I know. I couldn’t get a good picture of it because the dish was so hot it kept fogging up my camera. -you will just have to use your imagination. In total it cost 17.000 pesos including tip and that was for our two dishes, a traditional Chilean salad, a hot chocolate and a coke….In NZ I spend that amount of money on just one breakfast dish and a hot chocolate!

We didn’t get very far past the restaurant , perhaps only 15 minutes of driving before we were turned around by the police because the road was too dangerous to drive on. so we decided to back track and head up to the Lagunillas  but again there was ice on the roads so definitely were not going to venture any further! but we did manage to pull off to the side of the road and get some nice pictures.


There were people fitting cars with chains so that they could continue driving and chains for hire but I didn’t feel it was necessary, our journey never had a destination I just enjoy the drive and being surrounded by snow. Realistically we knew we weren’t going to get far anyway so it didn’t bother us!



I really hope there is still snow on the mountains in October, I would really love to take my best friend out there to experience it when she comes to visit me 🙂  but I suspect with how hot it gets the snow would melt pretty quickly, we will have to wait and see!

Chao for now x.



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