Valle Nevado

Ill start by saying iv’e never really been to the snow before. Ive seen pictures of me at the snow when I was younger but I did not remember KMsit so when we decided to head to the snow one Sunday I was quite excited 🙂

Its not far from the center of Santiago at all…In fact its about 32 kms- Id say that’s pretty close.

The roads to get to the snow are not ideal, they are a good quality but they are windy to say the least. They are sign posted ‘corner 1, corner 2…etc’ (you get the picture) when we got to the destination we were close to 30. May have even passed that. We saw a few different animals on the way, horses, sheep and cows- we even had to share the roads with them, I am not sure, but it would seem as though they are wild – they seem to just wander where they like and I could see more all throughout the mountains.

As we were driving and getting closer and closer we were beginning to lose hope that there would be any snow for us to play with since its practically a desert all the way there. As you can see in the pictures its pretty dusty and dry. I sat in the car eagerly awaiting the sight of snow covered mountains with my fingers and toes crossed.


When we arrived near the ski fields we were delighted to see there was snow 🙂 yipeeee we hadn’t just endured that horrible corner packed trip for nothing!! It was enough snow for the children to play and to throw snowballs but wasn’t deep enough for skiers or snowboarders to be out hittin the slopes but it is still early. It’s technically not even winter yet!

valle nevado

It was so peaceful being out there surrounded by the beautiful white mountains. I was off on a daydream and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I looked across the ski fields and noticed it was snowing!! – it all felt very magical, I was just in awe of my surroundings.  There just so much beauty here in Chile and I’m so glad that I get to see it. A fox

On the journey back to Santiago we were lucky enough to see a fox! a FOX! yes I had never seen one before… i’m not even sure if we have them in NZ- We stopped the car to have a look and to of course take some photos. I believe it is illegal to feed Foxes in Chile because they want to encourage them to learn to fend for themselves and not rely on humans or tourists providing them with food

I cant wait to go back and see how magnificent it looks in the middle of winter.!

This was before I started my teachers course FYI – you have no time for fun activities when your doing this course. The only reason I have time to write this blog post is because its a public holiday tomorrow which means no homework/essays/ lesson plans need to be done right this second. Finally a moment to breathe.

Chao for now x



3 thoughts on “Valle Nevado

  1. Just found your blog today via Expats in Chile. Have enjoyed reading through it. I hope you are doing well and everything works out for you. It rained last night here and the hills near the house had snow on for the first time today. To my eyes New Zealand is more beautiful than Chile, especially the south island, but both have their good points I guess.

    • Hey Jamie! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂
      I love it when it rains, I always make sure to take a photo of the mountains afterwards. I especially like that after the rain we get to enjoy stunning blue skies for a few days. I have never actually been to the south island of NZ but hope to one day!

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