Teacher In Training

You read it right ladies and gentlemen, I am currently in the process of training to become an English teacher!
I started on Monday and have been crazy busy as the homework starts to pile up but am taking a few minutes away from all that to write this post (a
way from it yet still writing/thinking bout it)

Never stop learning

I knew when I moved to Chile I would want to become an English teacher at some stage but I was not clear on how to achieve that. I am doing a 1 Month intensive course which is an International Diploma in English Language Teaching – Also known as IDELT. The course is very similar to TESOL & TEFL , – the courses one would take with the desire to teach those whose native language is not English.
A lot of people are choosing this particular career path because it is great for those who want to travel or live in another country where English is not the mother tongue. The great thing is that if you want to live in France for example but don’t speak French- that’s not problem! you can still live in France and become an effective English teacher.

Once it is finished I can hopefully get a job because sitting around all day isn’t very exciting, as appealing as it may sound.
I really do wonder how I came to this conclusion of becoming a teacher since:

#1 It was always my worse subject at school (I hated it)

#2 I truly do suck at spelling (thank you spell check)

#3 I’m not a fan of public speaking (yet some of my best marks were from presentations at school/Uni)

But hey things change/people change. I also have a great level of patience when it comes to people not knowing the language – A skill I have developed through dating someone who is not overly fluent in English.

And guess what?! my first class is this Friday! Talk about jumping in the deep end.

Ill let you know how that goes..

Chao for now.


7 thoughts on “Teacher In Training

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  2. Loving your blog so far 🙂 I have been a teacher in Japan and Thailand and my husband and I are hoping to make the move to Santiago January next year.
    Hope to hear more of your experiences teaching as you go 🙂

    c/o Australia

  3. Hi Jess: Saw your Blog Teacher in Training, while looking for international education bloggers. Am a Masters in Ed. student and in-service teacher in US. Just finished a case study on Chilean K-12 education. Was curious about the IDELT (same as IELTS, the Briitish test ?) Very informative post. Would love to hear more on the teaching experience. ~Ginny from USA

    • Hi Ginny 🙂
      I believe the IELTS is a British test that non native English speakers take in order to attend an English speaking school or University, the IDELT course is similar to TESOL or TEFL, A course native English speakers take in order to get a teaching certificate. The two just happen to have very very similar abbreviations. I´ll be sure to write more about my experience in teaching! I´m really enjoying it so far.

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