Feeling the Lag

True to my blog title I am feeling well and truly Jet-Lagged. It took a while to come for me.

As I can remember back to my first month here I was taking naps in the middle of the day because I was so tired and now I’m basically still ticking on a New Zealand clock. The time difference between NZ and Chile is 16 hours so when I’m talking to friends and family they are in the future.

Most nights I stay up between 2-4am which would be the evening back home. I could happily stay awake until morning but I literally force myself to sleep. I talk with my best friend literally alllll day. As soon as I wake I text her- I tried being a little considerate of when she was sleeping until she told me that she turns her data off at night which was basically gave me the green light to message her at any hour day or night. (or so that’s how I took it) She is usually who I am up messaging at 4am and if shes busy I have social media to keep me occupied.


Of course I went the ‘Harder to adjust’ way

Hopefully I become better adjusted when I start my new course next week. Its full time 5 days per week – that will tire me out throughout the day so I can sleep at a reasonable time.

Chao for now x 🙂


3 thoughts on “Feeling the Lag

  1. Yep I religiously turn it off and it’s back on again as soon as I get up and I’m always expecting there to be a viber message from you 🙂 Don’t know how many times I’ve said that you should be fast asleep by now.

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