Aculeo Lake

Situated just 40 mins from the centre of Santiago is Aculeo Lake, Once a beautiful holiday destination.
Now its almost all dried up (thanks global warming and no rain fall) – Oh but that’s right apparently there is no such thing as global warming…

We headed out there with My boyfriends family and it’s where we spent Easter weekend. He hadn’t been there in 5 years so it was very shocking for him to see the difference of then and now. The water will probably be completely gone within the next 5 years, I’m guessing sooner.

The once filled lake where he loved to go fishing with his brother, where he used to jump of the jetty into the deep waters is now a dusty sand pit. we walked out into the lake about 100m and still it was only about 10cm deep. I suspect the entire side of the lake where we stood would be no more than 20cm.

I wonder how the business’ that once thrived will adapt with the disappearing water. There are still a lot of boats being stored around the lake.. I guess they will just have to go elsewhere.
They could re-invent the largest swimming pool in the world and make it similar to San Alfonso but that would cost millions of dollars.

You could see in the distance on the above picture that instead of snow on the mountains there was just a huge growth of moss.

It was still a beautiful place to visit and see. I could just imagine how packed it would of been in summer time and been a great place to Holiday. At night time it was stunning, I sat with my boyfriend looking at the star filled sky hoping we would catch one shooting across the sky and maybe even make a wish 😉 They have the same stars here in Chile as nz – Southern hemisphere. (Yes some people ask me if this is the case)

Just so sad to think how many years that lake as been there and now within 10 years it will be gone. I couldn’t imagine anything significant happening to be able to fill it up again- Not in this climate.

When I see things like this happening in Chile I just hope New Zealand doesn’t follow suit. I sat near the lake and just imagined if lake Taupo did the same, I know its hard to imagine and people will say that will never happened but thats probably exactly how the people would of felt about this lake too. Just lucky I guess that it still rains in NZ.


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