Ilha Grande boat tour

This was my second favourite tour in Rio (first being Favela tour).

Its quite a relaxing day mostly spent on a boat travelling to different locations where we got the chance to swim with the fish and take lots of photos. It takes 2.5 hours to get the port where we got on the boat- through this entire time our tour guide gave us a bit of a show (thankfully she let us relax on the way back) – The tour guide was a character to say the least. By the end of the tour almost everyone had brought her self made CD.

Go on, click the link, check her out.
Insight to our tour guide

We thought the tour would be more relaxing for most of the day on a specific beach but this was not the case. During the tour we stopped off at three different locations where we got to spend 30 minutes in the water. (not long enough, but hey what can you do) We had an opportunity to purchase snorkeling gear so of course I did. I have never swum with sooo many fish around me before – It was fantastic!

We also chose to get underwater photos taken of ourselves in the blue lagoon stop off. The camera man was armed with fish food so was an easy way to get fish to come close or throw it in the distance if there were too many. At the end we got a CD with all the images taken. The fish definitely loved getting their photos taken and sometimes hogged the lens a bit too much ruining some great shots.

I really enjoy the water and so does Javier so this was the perfect day for us. We also purchased a video of the day – It included video footage taken throughout the day so it was specific to our tour group and not a generic video. The camera skills aren’t the best but we had a great laugh reviewing some of the footage.

Its a full day tour and I think it cost around 120-170 reals each person. Well worth it. Lunch is included in the price – You stop off at a little pier and enjoy an all you can eat buffet. We talked to a lot of people who all suggested to do this tour and we would do it again!

A few more snaps of the day


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