Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro (meaning River of January – bet you didnt know that 😛 ) did not disappoint! we were there for a week and every day we had something to do.

I could of stayed at least another week because there is so much we missed out on.
I never plan an Itinerary ahead of time because I find it never works. what happens if you plan a beach day and on that day its not sunny or you plan a big tour and on that particular day you don’t have the energy for it? I tend to have a list of things I want to do and decide in the morning or the night before what I want to do, its a system that’s been working well so far!

Arriving into Rio I was so excited. the Taxi ride from the Airport to the hotel was terrifying, I thought the driving in Santiago was fast paced and ziggidy zaggidy. scooters and bikes just go 100miles per hour and if they get too close to something they just give a little toot on their horn. some toot the whole way through maybe as a warning like ‘look out small vehicle coming through’.

One thing I thought was genius was scooter and motorbike taxis. brilliant for in traffic and getting into the favelas. Just hop on one of them and skip through all the traffic. We don’t have any such thing in NZ (that I know of) The scooter taxis have navy coloured vests with hivis stripes. Just make sure you hold on!. :p

Our plane landed at about 1pm and by the time we got through customs, collected our bags and taxi’d to our hostel it was time to check in. Ill do individual posts on the tours and sights we saw – to put it in one post would be a bit too much.


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