Valparaiso Boat Tour

Hi Everyone, So I haven’t written in a little while because I was off in Rio!
Needles to say there is a lot to write about.

I wanted to share my favourite thing to do in Valparaiso – Head out on a little tug boat to get a close up of the sea lions, who wouldn’t love to do that?!

It costs 3,000 CLP each to head out on the little boats which is about $6nz. Last time I visited Valpo I made Javier go out twice with me!
They take you out in the harbor and point out different locations as all tours would.
They must find out where the sea lions are hanging out cause thats the first stop- they sit for a few minutes right next to them so we can get a good photo and watch them play in their natural habitats. It really amazes me how they can get on such high platforms.
How high can a sea lion jump out of water?

The two pictured were obviously enjoying a good sunbathe while a few in the water were playing and having some fun (maybe they were the younger ones) :p

After the sea lion stop they take you around to different boats in the harbor and explain them – if theres a cruise ship or shipping container boat etc. The Guide is always a character joking and laughing with good energy. (Javier has to translate because its all in Spanish)
He takes us to the middle where nothing is around us and explains we are at the deepest part of the water, and to pay now otherwise enjoy a cold long swim back to shore. I quite enjoyed his humor 🙂

From the boat you also get the best views of Valparaiso a full panoramic! good way to learn about the area and get information on the military boats which are always in the port.

Highly recommend – and its so cheap!


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