After the boat tour we decided to get some Ice cream and we found a place really close to the port- Literally a two minute walk from when we got off the boat.
The menu is really great for foreigners who don’t understand Spanish because it has photos of every meal! (why cant all menus be like this?!) The prices are also very good only about $6-$10NZ .. In NZ for the same quality we would be paying a lot more.

They serve lunch as well as ice creams and fruit juices so there is a lot to choose from.
For the deserts you chose which one you would like and then pick the ice cream flavours you want. This was the hard part as there were no photos of the ice cream flavours.
Some of the dishes are huge!! definitely to be shared between 2…… or 3 or 4

Javier’s dish had pancakes, banana, Berries, Ice cream and cream. He chose a chocolate and a mint ice cream.

My dish was a thin crepe with shaved almonds, caramel sauce, ice cream and cream! I chose a white chocolate + rasberry and a chocolate ice cream. YUM!!

The deserts were delicious! I was not expecting them to be so good.. and the Bf has just told me there’s one close to our apartment.. that could be dangerous. 😛


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