Valparaiso Accommodation

So we made a last minute decision to head out to the coast to one of my favourite places in Chile- Valparaiso!
Its only about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from Santiago which is fantastic for me 🙂

We quickly googled searched some accommodation and decided upon a bed and breakfast situated near Artilleria Station and Naval Museum.
The website I used to find the accommodation was…
I find its an easy website to see photos and navigate around. It has a lot to choose from and offers easy to see reviews.

After a quick phone call we decided upon at only 30,000CLP per night and unrivaled location we thought it was a pretty good deal!
Its close to everything, has great views and breakfast is provided. It was clean and the owners were very friendly, they gave us tips on what places we should visit and the best ways to get around.
When we first arrived it was a pretty creepy area as fog blanketed the city and the streets were all quiet- even the bf was a little spooked!

We chose the Celeste por alegrías room because of the veranda and views of the sea but next time we would change to the Lila Farruca room for the awesome views of Valparaiso – I could of stared outside that window all day, so much to see!

It was nice and quiet on the days that we were there but as we were leaving there were hordes of tourism buses and tour groups arriving so if you prefer it without the crowds go during the week. Definitely my preference!

Off to Rio tomorrow and Ive got HEAPS to blog about already!


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