Casa Lastarria

While on our way to Cerro Santa Lucia we stopped at an area with a few ‘expensive’ restaurants to eat lunch.
We chose Casa Lastarria and it was delicious!

The staff were very good, I ordered a rice risotto and a mango juice – When the juice first came out I took a sip and saw it had ice cubes (oh No!) so I took them out and asked Javier to ask the waiter how the juice was made because if its mixed with the water I cant drink it- it was infact mixed with the water so we asked them if they could make another one but with mineral water because I am allergic to the tap water. He apologized and hurried off to make another.. on its return it had more ice cubes in it so we just took them out ourselves.
I really need to learn to order drinks like coke which is served in the can or bottle so I don’t take any risks.

I don’t find it too difficult reading a Spanish menu – I know all the main ingredients and if I get stuck I just ask Javier.
I chose a risotto dish which had corn, pumpkin, and tomato with spices around the side, was very mild but oh so delicious I want to go back and try other things on the menu I was so impressed.

Javier ordered a fish dish which was sooo tasty! Could not recommend this place enough! its expensive in Chile but converted to NZD my risotto dish only cost $14 – in NZ im guessing a dish like this would cost $26+. in total our meal was 22,880 thats including a 10% tip but we left 23,000 peso

Ahh writing this post makes me want to go back there ASAP


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