Arriving in Santiago

As the plane landed in Santiago we had to wait about 10-15 mins for the previous plane to leave our arrival gate. Way to get the nerves flowing sitting and waiting. I chatted with the girl next to me about NZ and Argentina to pass the time.

The line to get through immigration was about 300-400 people long. There were two separate areas to queue, one had a picture of the New Zealand flag and the other had the Australia flag, I stood there for ages trying to remember which was which -I blame the long flight 😉 So I stood in the longest queue . Shortly after I was approached by an immigration officer who asked where I was from in Spanish I said New Zealand and he guided me straight to an immigration officer ‘s booth with no queue – wohoo!! great service!!

The staring started at the airport. Everyone stares at me and im not sure if that’s something im ever going to get used to. Don’t they see enough fair blonde people working in an airport to get used to it? The immigration officer who stamped my passport commented on my appearance and so did the customs people. Everyone was very nice though.

In Chile the luggage trolleys have an automatic break which helps it from sliding when you are loading your bags onto it (genius right? Come on NZ!) I was unaware of this feature. I got about 1m sliding this thing along when an airport staff ran over ‘Senortia! Like this’ and he pushed down the handle so that the breaks released ‘Gracias’  The wait was about 40mins along which was much longer than last time. The customs staff didn’t want me lifting my heavy suitcase so they put them all through the x-ray for me. I then got asked will you be ok? Is somebody collecting you from the airport? Yes Mr concerned I am organised.

Walked through the doors and there were so many people right in my face. And then Javier emerged through all the strangers. I was so happy I cried we hugged for ages as could be expected. He probably shed a tear or two under his sunglasses. :p
It was as if the past year flew by in a second. He hadn’t changed at all except his voice was so different but I guess for the past year ive only heard him speak on skype.

Have been really busy for the past two days! a lot of things to see and do.


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