Departing NZ – Flying with LAN

I have left NZ!!
I tried to be really organised with packing my suitcases and I feel I was successful πŸ™‚ Pretty pain free and I had a friend help me pack, I kind of just sorted out what I wanted and threw them at her to roll and bag. In the process I gave away a lot of bags filled with products, clothing and other things in an attempt to keep my room as clean and uncluttered as possible while I’m away

The goodbyes were not what I expected – I had a relatively painless departure! Still feels like I am just on holiday but It will sink in soon enough. My parents and brother left an hour before I even went through the departure gate couldn’t get rid of me fast enough – HA! The BFF stuck around with her adorable nephew to keep me company πŸ™‚ we had a three way hug and said a quick goodbye. Like a band aid just ripping it off.

I flew with LAN which are one of my favorite airlines that I have flown with. The food is a lot better than what I have had with other airlines and the staff are friendly. You can take 2 checked in luggage pieces of 23kg each and a carry on of 7kg. I was over by about 3 kgs in my checked in luggage but they didnt charge me yay! My check in was never weighed and I was curious and weighed my carry on which was 7 and so was my handbag (had my laptop in it) so I had about 14kgs to lug around everywhere.

When all the passengers are in the boarding lounge and they say we can board in 15 minutes I do not understand why 80% of people choose to stand up at that point and line up…why the rush to get in the plane when you will be spending the next 12 hours on it?
So while they waited 20 mins standing in a line to board I just sat patiently and got up when the lines had diminished. Its also better than all huddling into the plane at once and everything wanting to get past you while you are trying to put your carry on luggage away.

I was lucky enough to sleep through most of the flight. Don’t understand the hype around the movie gravity, It just made me feel dizzy with all the spinning going on. I woke up and only had 4 hours to go which made me really happy, I was expecting it to be about 7 hours.
Overall it went really quickly, I had a window seat which I put down as a preference and was seated next to a really nice Argentinian girl.

Post about my arrival coming soon!


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