Valparaiso Downhill

Hi All,

I trust you all had a great always I wish it were Friday already.

I thought I would share with you my Favorite video of Valparaiso, Chile (granted I haven’t watched many but I do love it).

It highlights all that is beautiful about the port city. I say that yet it does not feature my beloved sea lions.
I enjoy the vibrant artwork, the slope of the city,  the people are so warm and welcoming, the dogs are playful and from what I experienced their favorite activity is chasing tyres.

I visited here on my first and only trip to Chile. It’s quite refreshing coming from the smog in Santiago to the crisp clean air and blue skies that valpo boasts. This is a city I would gladly travel back to on numerous occasions. If you are planning your travels be sure to include this in your go to places.

In no way would I be daring enough to ride downhill in Valpo on a bike, it would be a thrill in itself just driving down. I couldn’t imagine learning to drive on those streets- everyone must be pro at hill starts.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video

Valparaiso Downhill

Chao for now


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