Progress has been made. I got my vaccines done which at the time didn’t hurt at all but one side hurt for a solid week afterwards.
Not even kidding that one was the one the nurse said would be the least painful after. she lied. I asked for the least painful to be in my left arm cause I write and type all day whilst serving customers. my wish was not granted.

I generally just looked online at what vaccines I should get as the GP really doesn’t know much on that topic and travel vaccination places make a living off of injecting you so may over-prescribe. A helpful website I found was

Vaccines I ended up getting were Hep A, Hep B and typhoid.
Most people would have these as children but I was an anti-vaccine child 🙂

My intention is to get the rabies vaccine whilst overseas because you need to get a few shots over a period of time and I had run out of that. I also got Malaria pills for Brazil but on further research discovered its mostly for the Nothern/western area of brazil in the dense forest areas and I will be on the opposite side – East coast. Quite glad about that because the side effects are not what I fancy.

So not only should you search what vaccines are good in each country but narrow your search down to avoid over-vaccinating yourself. I’m not a fan of too many vaccines and medicines. If there were a natural alternative Id go for it.

Less than a week to go 🙂


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