The Apartment Hunt

I hope everyone’s had a good weekend. This post is pretty long, I don’t like writing too much but had a lot to cover.

Last week was quite productive in terms of getting things organised for the trip. The more things are done the less stressful it will be closer to the day. We have secured ourselves and apartment which was very exciting. Yay!!

My partner has been looking at a lot of apartments in Santiago and it proved not the easiest task. For example some apartments stated they were furnished and had furniture in all the photos online but when he arrived the apartments were empty, when that happened it was a bit disappointing. I basically did all the searching and my partner would go along and view the apartment if he liked it as well, I gave him a lot of options but he actually found the one we got all on his own. With him being there already I Would imagine its made the process a lot easier.

We wanted an apartment and not a house. The main reason why is because we don’t have a furniture and an apartment can come fully furnished. Its just the two of us so we didn’t need a big house – a one bedroom apartment will do just fine. I also felt more comfortable in a apartment rather than a house, especially if my partner is working late into the night and I’m home alone. I’ve never lived in an apartment either so it adds to the list of new experiences.

When looking for an apartment I had a criteria that needed to be met. Rent in Chile is considerably less expensive than what you pay in Auckland, NZ. It would be an impossible task finding a 1 bedroom apartment that fit two people in the city for what you can in Chile

My requirements at times were very hard to find. Things that were necessary:
Bear in mind I am quite picky. I’m leaving my home to live in a foreign land far away from any friends and family so wanted to be comfortable

1.Sticking to budget. We wanted a 1 bedroom apartment for around 400,000 CLP per month. It had to have a bedroom and not a studio style with the bed in the lounge.
2.location. This was mostly my partners doing. He wanted me in what he feels are the safest areas. Las Condes and Providencia were the two options I had with the flexibility of Nunoa and that’s it. I would get a solid ‘NO’ for anywhere else.
3. Parking. We have a car so I would of hated to have to park away from the apartment especially after we’ve been grocery shopping etc.
4.Terrace. Some apartments just have small windows. Im not a fan, I would like to be able to go outside and just relax on the terrace..I like the amount of light it lets into the apartment when there is a sliding door, definitely makes the lounge feel bigger.
5.View. I wanted a reasonable view. I didnt want to be looking straight at another apartment with any view being completely obstructed. I wanted a decent height advantage – not first or second level. At the same time I didn’t want to be too high. I have an irrational fear that if I’m living 15 story’s up then ill age quicker due to the increase in gravitational pull. Were about 6 stories up, I consider this acceptable.
6.Wardrobe. Uh Hello, Im a girl. I do not want a single door sized wardrobe! Ive ended up with a semi walk-in. Its a bit hard to tell the layout from the photos but it looks good enough for me 🙂
7. A pool. I could have done without the pool but if it had one it was a bonus I will use it quite a lot in the summer time- When we are looking after my partners nephews it will be nice to be able to take them for a swim. I love swimming and the pool we have is heated all year round, bonus! ours also has a Spa or ”Jacuzzi” as some may call.

The website I found the easiest and provided the most information was If your looking at renting in Chile be sure to check it out.

I hope your still awake 😉 This will be the last lengthy post I make for quite some time. Ill stick to short and sweet.



One thought on “The Apartment Hunt

  1. Hey Jess,
    I don’t know if you still check this. I am moving to Santiago with my partner aswell, and right now we are looking for an apartment in the same areas and within the same price range as you guys. We are trying to get something before getting there, which would be on the first week of September. Homeurbano seems to have the best offers, but is it reliable? If I want to book something to have already for when I get there, I need to make a down payment in advance. Do you think that would be a problem?

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