Hello Blog World

I am no seasoned blogger, in fact this is my first. ever. The reason I am starting a blog is to share my travel experience with you and so that friends and family can read up on my adventures without bombarding everybody’s Facebook with continuous updates.

Tickets have been purchased! 70 Days until I depart (yes I am most definitely counting the days) You may be wondering why Chile? simple answer: My partner is Chilean and has been living there since Christmas eve 2012. We have endured a long distance relationship for what will be 1 year and 2 months. I want to experience his culture and with fingers crossed master his language. A lot of people ask me if im chasing love to which I reply – An adventure but I guess there the same thing.

I have no real set plans, I will just sort of ‘wing it’ and let you know how it goes. My desire is to teach English which I currently have no experience in whatsoever  -should be fun, right? I hope to take a month off before I work. Try getting used to the time difference and get to know the city a bit more. In that time I will be travelling to Rio De Janeiro with my partner as he is in need of a well deserved holiday and its been a dream of mine. Excited to say the least.

I am on strict orders to keep in communication with my father whose paranoia when it comes to travel crowns him with the nickname ‘Liam Neeson’. Whenever the travel topic is mentioned he feels the need to bring up his love for the nz embassy- having them on speed dial, knowing them on first name basis …etc. His threats are not empty as experienced in earlier travels. Every two days is the time frame I have been assigned before I find the embassy at my door. If you think this is over the top then you clearly have not met my father. Ill keep you posted. 🙂


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