Bon Voyage Fiesta

I have not written in a long time. That’s what happens when you get crazy busy moving countries. Soz

My BFF organised a leaving party for me and I had a blast. I cried just a little bit but that was to be expected.
Shes the queen organizer and without her…lets face it I wouldn’t of done anything. Im useless like that. So grateful and wondering how I am going to cope without her, sad but true

I literally was no help, she thought of very little detail from the colour of the balloons to the cake and food 🙂
The bartender thought I was going to the states but no they are the colour of the Chilean flag. I was the first leaving party he had hosted that someone was going to Chile, his usual are the UK, Australia, USA pretty much goes without saying.

I had some very touching leaving messages written in my book, I sat and laughed at some of them.. actually LOL’ed for real.
What a great idea …again not mine but the work of queen organizer.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the night special 🙂 I will miss having a friendly face in the crowd. If anyone ever visits south america in the next year let me know.

Only a week to go and it is going to whiz by…I feel like I still have so much to do. I have written a list and I feel like I am well on track but more things seem to pop up.

Only three days left until I am jobless.

Mixed emotions


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