367 Days Apart

Hello all,

So today marks 1 year and two days since I last saw my boyfriend. (was going to post at 1 year mark but I got lazy)
I can still picture his face as I was leaving Chile – I was in a long line about to go through customs. We had no idea that would be the last time in 2013 that we would see each other. It was a surprise long distance relationship- Have I ever mentioned I dont like suprises? It just happened, it was unplanned, we couldn’t change circumstances but right now Im glad that things have panned out the way they have and im excited for whats ahead.

Chile and NZs time difference is 16 hours so at about 1pm here in nz will be 9pm the previous day in Chile…its not hard to calculate I just count back four hours and usually change the pm to am depending on the time of day. One thing that has made it easier is skype – I usually skype him every lunch break – ill prop up my phone with a glass of water and just sit and talk to him, I guess it makes me feel that hes no so far away. It also helps that hes an insomniac. No matter what time I text him I usually get a reply.
We use all free Apps to communicate which as stated earlier is SKYPE, Whatsapp for sending texts and photos/videos and Viber for free calling. And then as always we have facebook.

while we are on the subject of what amuses me- I also find it rather quite amusing when people go a couple of days or even a couple of weeks without their other half and there all like ‘omg I miss you so much, im so lost’ well you know what- Try a few months or a few hundred days and then you’ve got something to complain about. Your Lucky to even be in the same country as one another. cherish it. #nosympathy
We have sent each other a few gifts over the year. The Chilean post system seems to work a bit faster than NZ. The first one I sent him a package was in July and he didn’t receive it until October whereas when he sends me something it arrives within the fortnight. The second to last thing I sent him was on the 05/12/13 and he received it around 17/01/14. Better than the first one that’s for sure!

Never did I imagine being in a long distance relationship, learning Spanish or living in Chile but hey ive always had a dream that id be bilingual and never thought I would ever actually travel to Rio but its all going to be happening and I feel like the timing is perfect. I tell people (mostly my customers) not to ask about my bf because I could literally talk about him all day long, hes an incredibly interesting human being. Perhaps one day ill write a book about him (ha!)
Ill probably be really annoying when I see him again.. I imagine just randomly poking and prodding him disbelieving that hes there with me in person and not a pixelated image on my laptop/phone

8 weeks to go! 🙂


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